Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Chopped or Not Chopped That is the Question

Day  197
Money Spent Today - £0     Vouchers/Points/Credits Spent - £0
Money Spent in Total - £210.17    Vouchers/Points/Credits Spent in Total - £269.09
Emergency £5 Spent on Butter
Money Earned Through Sale of Food £30.50
Money left in purse  -  £17.35
Chopping away at the butternut squash that I bought last week and having to put lots of effort in, made me ponder over how much it would have cost me to buy it ready chopped.  Would it be worth paying a little bit extra for less hassle and struggle.  So I weighed my finished chunks.

Adding my 900g ....

... to the other bowl holding 371g, gives me a total weight of 1271g.
(I think I may have been a little wasteful with my peeling as the total weight when I bought it was 1715g.)
Anyway there were only two shops on that had chopped butternut squash for sale, Waitrose at just under 34p per 100g and Tesco at 40p per 100g.  Once again Waitrose is proven to be cheaper, I do wish we had one a little bit closer to us, our nearest one is on Anglesey.  I like Waitrose ... and their free coffees and newspapers every day.
Doing the sums this means that my squash cost me 18p per 100g of prepared weight, so it shows that in this instance chopping it up it yourself saves you half the price of ready chopped. 
I noticed here that the supermarkets are very clever with their shelf edge labelling as well.  All the full squashes are priced 'per Kilo' while all the ready chopped packs are priced 'per 100g' meaning that once again you have to make sure you put your maths head on before you hit the shops!!
So to answer my question to myself at the top of the post .... for me it's 'not chopped' every time.
Sue xx


  1. I love roast butternut squash as there's so little wastage. You just have, scoop out the seeds, and pop on a roasting tray with just a little oil. You can eat the cooked skin, or peel it off. I tend to use the flesh for stuff and chomp at the skin while I'm cooking... Nigella-stylee!

  2. thats interesting, I never bought it prechopped until I began losing my sight, now I buy it chopped, I like to keep my fingers!


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