Oven Temperature Conversion Chart

I cook either in or on my Aga or occasionally if the Aga is switched off for any reason, in my Remoska.  Neither of these has ANY temperature controls so you will have to forgive me if I occasionally post recipes without giving all the relevant details.
I am also an instinctive cook, which I guess is why the Aga suits me so well.  I experiment, I put things in, get them out,  poke and peer at them, not if I can restrain myself when I am baking cakes .... and I really try to give the bread the time it needs before I start tapping its bottom and moving it around the oven.
I also tend to use the bog standard sized cake tins and trays that I have.  I really don't mind if my sandwich sponge is low and flat, or tall and thick as long as it tastes reasonable, anyway they don't last long enough to worry about looks in this house!!  So again I apologise if I tend to miss out sizings.
I'm sure you all have your own favourite sized tins that you have used before and instinct should tell you in a recipe of mine is similar to something you have cooked in the past and what that particular thing fitted into.
I'm not really a food blogger and there are so many wonderful food bloggers out there that I don't intend to try and compete in any way with them, this Blog is purely to chart the progress of my £365 Days - £365 Challenge.  Although if you have any questions about a recipe I publish I will try and help if I can.
Sue xx

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