Food Won or Totally Free

I'm using this page to list all the foods that I am lucky enough to win during the course of this year or that I can pick up free of charge.
When ever we eat out I can bring away with me any of the sachets that we do not use during the course of the snack or meal. 
Obviously I am not allowed to grab handfuls of these, that would be theft .... but any extras that would be left on our tray and thus I guess be tipped into the bin with the rubbish are mine for the keeping.

They are stored in the jar and tin that sit on the worktop and it's amazing how quickly they build up.
*** *** ***
In March I received my prize for being voted Dorset Cereals Blog of the Month by the lovely readers of my other blog  - Our New Life in the Country.
This consisted of 12 packs of their Mueslis, Porridges and Granolas.
What a lovely and long lasting prize.
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In April I was lucky enough to win some Meat Free Sausages from a comment I left on the company's Facebook page.  They made a lovely meal of Bangers and Mash for me and Lovely Hubby.
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In May I bought some little Eglu egg cups just as they were launched to celebrate Eglu's anniversary, and I was lucky enough to find a 'Golden Egg' in one of them meaning I had won a prize.  It turned out I had won this lovely jar of Artisan Orange Marmalade.
*** *** ***
In June my brother bought me and Mum a packet of biscuits each.  You've got to love a tasty nibble especially when it's free.
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  1. I am loving this little thread, I have a jar of sachets just like yours, I am going to be posting a new challenge on my blog next week about, just working out a budget, its going to be about living on a certain amount for a year and getting as much free stuff as possible x


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